The Capital Group Fiduciary Advisors, an independent boutique wealth management firm, is committed to providing superior financial advice coupled with impeccable customer service.

CGFA's investment philosophy emphasizes asset allocation, diversification, and sound investment strategies. The objective is growth, but that which is consistent with prudent risk and financial sustainability.

Our process provides unique access to investment management from great investment minds.  Our firm's independence grants us the autonomy to select strategies with complete objectivity. 

As experienced investment professionals, we are committed to both understanding our clients' unique needs and providing the necessary time and resources to help preserve and grow wealth. Serious investing is not about short-term returns; instead, however, it warrants a long-term outlook for continued financial sustainability.

Our Logo

"Out of the acorn, the mighty oak will grow."

The oak is a worthy symbol for a sound and sustainable investment strategy. Implicit in both the acorn and the oak are the enduring qualities of strength, stability, and steady growth over time.  This imagery signifies our hallmark conviction on what creating wealth is about: continual long-term growth, commitment, and care.