CGFA is a boutique wealth management firm.  We pride ourselves on our thoughtful level of service and personal attention we give our clients; we are proud of the rapport and trust we build in our relationships. It is rewarding to know that our clients consider us family and come to rely on our expertise through the peaks and valleys of their lives.

Our approach involves four key steps:

Understanding Your Goals

Your dreams and aspirations are our foremost consideration. Our first step in building your investment plan is listening to you, gaining a clear understanding of your life goals. We spend the necessary time getting to know you, your interests, preferences and values. Once these are defined and your goals understood, CGFA can start developing your individual investment strategy.

Developing a Plan

Once your goals are defined and understood, CGFA can develop an individual investment plan to meet your goals. The investment stategy is built on a sound foundation that incorporates your personal needs, time horizon, risk tolerance, and financial situation.

Implementing Strategies

We recommend custom-tailored investment strategies and coordinate specific recommendations with your accountant and attorney if necessary. Together, we select from a broad array of investment vehicles and services, and implement the strategies that make sense for you. We consider asset class, risk, diversification, growth, and optimal tax efficiency.

Evaluating Progress

We continually monitor, evaluate and communicate with you regularly to assess your progress. This ongoing evaluation helps to ensure that your needs and expectations are being met as you encounter changes in your personal circumstances over time. Recommendations and strategies are adjusted to reflect your evolving goals and financial changes in the markets. Ongoing open dialogue and annual portfolio reviews ensure that we can tailor your portfolio to meet your changing needs.